Monday, December 21, 2009

alcohol as a feminist issue

I have not drank alcohol since November 12, 2008.

I like to be political, I like to do things that are political. For example, I am a vegan and I feel that is political because I think eating animals is wrong, food can be a feminist issue (why would I put myself in a hierarchy with animals and participate in the violence against them?), and I think eating meat and dairy is extremely unhealthy.

Anyway, so what about alcohol?

Like I said, I chose to quit drinking on November 12, 2008. Partly because I am addicted and can fucking die if I keep doing it. Not only is it bad for my liver, but it is also bad for my brain, heart, stomach, skin, etc etc ... the list of how destructive it was to my body is pretty endless.

The fact that I break the mold of who/what is an alcoholic freaked me out, mostly because at the time, I was worried people would judge me or say things like, "you can't be an alcoholic!" Well now I say FUCK IT. I don't give a shit what they think. Most people think it's the "homeless guy on the corner" (and clearly have a huge unaware of class issues) which is not true. ANYONE CAN BE ADDICTED. It's anyone, sadly most people I know have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs.

I also feel that NOT DRINKING IS POLITICAL AND A FEMINIST MOVE. It's quit contrary to the embedded alcohol "norm" in our culture and society. The fact that it is completely normalized without question is horrifying. Considering it's mind-altering (this makes it a drug) and often times people drink it to "feel better", "forget what is going on in their lives" ... or some reward such as "I did great on that test ... here's to that beer" or in a more negative way such as, "fuck ... stupid day at work, here's to a beer!" I don't want my kid to grow up around normalized alcoholism like I did. I want her to question it's existence. My act of resistance against that is TO NOT FUCKING DRINK.

I also do not like how alcohol is promoting consumerism and capitalism, as well. Of course, when I buy anything, I am too. But alcohol also has ties to death, addiction, lives of hell (and so do many other things) ... a political move for me is to NOT participate in it. It causes huge fines from court, DUI, jail, etc ... it sends people to prison. Alcohol keeps people in a hell, it doesn't allow people to feel what they need to feel. It makes them feel like a person only when they are drinking ... and feel like hell when they're not. It made me feel alive and that I could do anything. It was wonderful! But I wanted to feel that WITHOUT alcohol and finally I have.

Alcohol is also a date rape drug. Throw consent out the window when sex and alcohol are involved for anyone. Alcohol makes people do things they may have not been comfortable with while sober, do things to someone else that could be resisting (that's rape), is used as a way to "make a move" on someone and then the alcohol can be blamed when it was an advance someone didn't want.

For me to bring feminism and make my life political is to NOT drink. Not only does this allow me a healthier way to live because sobriety has taught me a way to live in a way I NEVER KNEW WAS POSSIBLE from my self-centerdness, dishonesty, and always-going mind, it NEVER calmed down. But it is physically healthier for me ... I don't have to worry about destroying my liver, brain, heart, pancreas, stomach, etc etc from something that I could have completely avoided. Something that I had a choice in but chose to do it, too. Sadly, my drinking led to me wanting more after the first drink or two and that's where it trapped me.

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